ENC stands for "Electronic Navigational Chart". An ENC is a vector chart issued by or on behalf of a Government and complies with the relevant IHO standards. Any other vector chart data is unofficial and therefore does not meet the SOLAS chart carriage requirements.
● ENC content is based on the latest source data available to the relevant Hydrographic Office.
● ENCs are complied and encoded according to the international standards set by the IHO.
● Positions on ENCs are referred to the World Geodetic System 1984 Datum(WGS 84).This is directly compatible with GNSS positions.
● ENCs are issued only by or on the authority of a Government, authorized Hydrographic Office or other relevant government institution.
● ENCs are regularly updated with official update information distributed digitally.
Within an ECDIS, the ENC database contains chart information in the form of geographic objects represented by point, line and area shapes, carrying individual attributes. Appropriate mechanisms are built into the ECDIS to query the data, and then to use the information to perform various navigational and monitoring functions (such as, anti-grounding) and to generate a chart-like display.
The presentation of ENC data on a screen display is specified in IHO standard S-52 "Specification for Chart Content and Display Aspects of ECDIS". The style of presentation defined in S-52 is mandatory.
Introduction Of ENC
Since 2006, the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) in Taiwan started to conduct scientific research on continental shelf, legal and political ocean analysis and integrating analysis of maritime demarcation data. In addition, MOI continually collects hydrographic data in surrounding maritime areas to claim external boundaries of the continental shelf, which aids us in preserving our maritime sovereignty and ensuring the national security, equity, sustainable management and development of our country.
For the purpose of promoting international issuance of Taiwan ENC, MOI established the Taiwan ENC Center (TENCC) on November 15th, 2018, which is responsible for producing, publishing and maintaining ENC. Furthermore, Taiwan’s ENC is formally distributed through the Regional ENC Coordination Center (RENC) operated by the Norwegian Hydrographic Service, PRIMAR.
Executive Director
Ching-Hsiu Wang
Director of Dept. of land Administration, M. O. I.
Technology Director
Shwu-Jing Chang
Chang, Shwu-Jing
Professor of Communications, Navigation and Control Engineering Director of Electronic Chart Research Center (ENC Center) National Taiwan Ocean University
● Department of Land Administration
Organization Of Moi
● Taiwan ENC Center
Organization Of Enc
List of ENC
ENC Coverage
Governmental Maritime
Organization (GMO) Supplier
National Taiwan Ocean University
National Ocean Taiwan University
TEL :+886-2-24629225
Global Distribution Network
(PRIMAR ENC Distributors)
Commercial Supplier
(Local in Taiwan)
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